Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Off to Italy

We fly to Rome tomorrow and will set off to drive down to Puglia staying overnight near Naples because on Friday we have an appointment at the offices of the Notary to collect the documentation for this, our very own ruin.

After many months of negotiations and legal dealings and almost two years since we first saw it, we have purchased this old trullo set in 4.5 acres of land. At present the property is not habitable, its a series of attached buildings with four separate entrances and no connection between then, no water, sanitation or windows and its absolutely full of junk. This is a big and exciting project for us, the building work we have done in Lazio has shown us how difficult things can be in a foreign country but ever hopeful we are meeting an architect on Saturday morning to talk about our plans.
We shall be staying the weekend with English friends we met when we first went to Puglia, they have already been through the restoration process and survived. Then on the Sunday we travel back to our Lazio house to spend two weeks there whilst our tenants are back in the States, a mixture of maintenance and holiday. Finally we move to a hotel by the beach for two days to celebrate Mr FF's 60 birthday.
Cleo's cat sitters will arrive later today. She has been absolutely fine, still catching mice and eating well so we hope she won't miss us as much as we shall miss her.
Lots happening, I may be offline for a while though I will try to blog at some stage. If not there will be lots to tell you when we get back.


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  2. I came across your site by accident and was thrilled when i saw your trullo! Hubby and I go to Puglia as often as we are able - always staying in a trullo - and plan to buy our own as soon as our mortgage is paid off.

    We love the area around Cisternino and Ostuni and when the weather is horrible, we look on the internet at the weather reports and what's happening in the towns and imagine we're there already.

    Congratulations on the successful purchase of your trullo and I look forward to seeing some amazing photos over the next few years as you renovate it.

  3. Under an Olive Tree10 August 2008 at 18:33

    Yes, congratulations on your new home to be! It's beautiful, but nothing like it will be when it's finished, I'm sure.

    I know you'll be very busy, and maybe offline, but if you see this and would like to meet, shoot me an email diane dot beck at yahoo dot com. I live about 45 minutes from your Lazio home. WOuld love to meet! (though I'll be off line a bit too as I visit with another blogger in Montepulciano for a couple of days).