Saturday, 30 August 2008

La Scala

One of the main work objectives during our visit to Italy was to replace these worn old steps that lead down to the lowest part of the garden where the new irrigation shelter was built last year. We spent a good deal of time at the builders yards purchasing the materials, loading as much as possible into the hire car and carrying them down to the bottom garden. I'm using the word we though I did very little work myself on the steps. We also had to purchase wood which Mr FF used to make shuttering to contain the poured concrete.
This part of the garden is quite sheltered, gets extremely hot and the hedge always seems to be full of insects, Mr FF was bitten quite badly on his arms but luckily the rash disappeared before we got to the swanky hotel.
One ton of concrete later, with measures to ensure the material didn't set too quickly and crack, we had a big improvement,
and Mr FF included a little dedication on the last step, sweet.
Cleo by the way had been a bit demanding whilst we were away. My cousins were staying in the house and had been given strict instructions to encourage Cleo to eat, which they did very well but had found the whole experience quite stressful. Cleo has been fine since we got back and is obviously very proud of her staircase.

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