Thursday, 21 August 2008

A few days off

We had almost a week of work at the house when we saw no one but our neighbours and hardly got out of our working clothes apart from quick dashes down to the village shop for supplies. So we decided to have a day at the beach, well an afternoon really because we combined it with a trip to get repairs done to the irrigation pump. Its the August holiday so we expected the place to be busy and it was. We sat for a while on the prom watching the world go by and decided to pay to use the facilities of one of the private beach areas.
As you can see, its not exactly spacious, the umbrellas were touching and how the Italians like to sit in straight lines, but we had nice view of the sea (sort of).

Anyway it was great to be able to get changed, swim in the sea and get a shower afterwards, well worth the money for two deck chairs and one sunbed even though we only used them for a few hours. The people watching was great, we had a lot of fun.
On the way back through Latina we stopped at one of the farm shop places where we got Mozzarella di Bufala, totally fresh and delicious, we had some for lunch today and it was the best we've ever eaten, which is saying something. Smooth and silky, we never get anything like this back in the UK. I expected to see more of the bufala in the fields but only caught a glimpse of a few black ones in a barn and these wandering around the stunning countryside.

Yesterday we went into Rome to visit friends who live in a little gated complex with a large and quiet swimming pool, where we spent an hour in the water before sitting down in the shady part of the garden for a long Italian lunch. Eight of us, Irish, English, Italians and Romanians, we ate six delicious courses with various wines, liqueurs and espresso coffee. It was all I could do to crawl onto one the the sunbeds afterwards but of course a little sleep after lunch is quite acceptable here.
Back to work today (the kind I like not to be confussed the Edinburgh rubbish I used to do), its been really hot and we stopped around 1.30 for lunch and a little sleep before Mr FF started work again and I came inside to blog and take a shower before I cook the pasta for supper. Its the unveiling of the garden steps tonight and hopefully not too many jobs left to do - I wish.

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