Friday, 12 October 2007

The autumn leaves

I am certainly not a winter person so autumn is not the best season for me, give me the anticipation of spring anyday. It was only when someone rang the doorbell the other morning and greeted me with the news that the view from my front door is amazing that I took a proper look. I did actually open my eyes and see how beautiful the view is at the moment, sometimes you just don't see the wood for the trees. The colourful plants at the front of this photo are in my garden, I can't lay claim to the woodland behind but I can borrow it to complete the landscape. So as my herbaceous garden gently fades away I've been planting for spring. Pots of Cheerfulness and Paperwhite narcissus to bring into the house as they flower and lots and lots of tulips both in pots and in the garden. Queen of the Night are my favourite tulips, I love both their inky colour and their exotic name. I planted up three large terracotta pots to stand at the front door next year and discovered during the week that the squirrels had been digging up crunchy snacks. I've moved the pots into the cold frame, doubtless the little tree rats with their inbuilt bulb finding radar will start digging in the garden next.
If I'm not out in the garden tomorrow I shall be starting to put together a capsule wardrobe for my holiday (I wish) and Sunday we are off walking in Perthshire. Enjoy your weekend.

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