Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Briefly but brilliantly

We arrived in Lazio safely around 10 on Monday evening.  Mario,our neighbour had been to turn the lights on inside and out and thoughtfully lit the wood burner,  a wonderful welcome but though we looked in the dark so sign of the cats.
Yesterday morning we were greeted by Theo our timid black cat in the door step.  Mr FF went off for bread and milk, the lady in the village shop kindly adding a few homemade biscuits in the bag.  While he was away Lisa appeared, voicing her delight at seeing us again,  We pottered in the house and garden, opening up again after 6 months and the cats lay out on the terrace.  After lunch we did say that Marzia was taking the joke bit too far not appearing and I told Lisa if she went to find her baby she could have an extra cat stick.
It was almost 4 when I spotted a little white tail sticking out of the cat apartment, Marzia had come for food.  She ran off when she saw me but I spoke to her and she came back, let me stroke her and was soon purring.  She has grown into the most beautful creature, is in excellent condition, thick pure white fur with a touch of ginger still on her ears and tail, the most amazing ice blue eyes.   The only slight concern is that we now realise she is a boy.
Mario told us the cats spend most of the day up above us with Giovanni and his wife but always come down here for food.  It's wonderful to have them all back, to know they remember us and judging by the number of extra bags of food Mario had to buy when the supply we left ran out, they've eaten very well.
That and the fact the roofers returned to the penthouse yesterday to finish the work is the news you've been waiting for, let's all relax.  We are off to see The Danes later today, perfect.


  1. Ah, all's well that ends well. Have a wonderfully relaxing holiday.

  2. Finally some good news for you. Glad the kitties are all ok and most of all that the roofers showed up.

  3. That is just the best news. I am so, so happy that your little family of cats are still there. What a way to start your holiday. (Good news, but nowhere near as exciting is the fact that your builders showed up too!)

  4. BIG sigh of relief, I'm sure. Now you can relax and enjoy!

  5. Hooray! Have a fab holiday! Ros

  6. Delighted to read that the little kitten, Lisa and Theo all all well! Sorry the girls didn't realise Marzia was a boy! From Karen, your guests last year. Have a great summer.