Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Socks again

I'm quite surprised how much knitting I did while we were away for two weeks, I certainly had days when I didn't pick up the needles so the output is excellent.  All socks of course.  
I think I've left some of the ball bands and patterns in Italy so I'm not 100% sure of the details.  I believe the first pair is Regia Creativ but I don't recall the pattern.  
The second is Seduction Socks by Ann Budd which should be knitted in a thicker yarn but Fortissima Mexiko worked out fine producing a smaller size. 
Another pair of cables from Jane Brocket's knitting book in Regia Tweed Classic, a slightly thicker sock yarn, very soft and very nice.
I was a bit surprised when we got to our house in Lazio, having half filled my minimal carry on case with yarn, to find that last summer I'd left a good quantity of sock wool in the house.  I was also surprised when I got back to Scotland and put some of the finished ones away to find I have 11 pairs of completed socks in various sizes all for presents or possibly a craft stall.  However I wasn't in the slightest surprised when I cast on yet another pair last night, the obsession never ends. 


  1. All lovely socks there Jenny, I do rather like the look of those cabled ones and will have to investigate further. Socks are such a satisfying knit, I always have at least one pair on the go too!

  2. Beautiful socks! There's nothing quite as good to knit as a sock! Ros