Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Featuring Mr FF

My husband does get plenty of mentions in my posts but today he gets a whole one to himself as he's kept me amused all weekend.
Firstly he decided to clean out the house gutters as between spells of sunshine we have had some torrential showers.  Since most of our gutters are easily accessible requiring only a small ladder I left him to it. 
Don't try this at home
It was a bit of a shock when I discovered he'd climbed up onto the top of the roof, he said he was admiring the view.  Of late we both find we are loosing our head for heights, maybe this will be his last ventures up to the chimney pots.

He ordered a new tyre for his bike last week, we both laughed when the postie delivered it like this with just a small label at one end.  Luckily we had the lobby door open, two sets of front doors is traditional in Scotland and its sociable to leave the first one open indicating you are home and welcome visitors.  I wonder if the postie would have attempted to put it through the letter box otherwise.
So Mr FF took himself off on Sunday for a bike ride.  As soon as he left I realised I hadn't told him it was the start of gala week in our local town, the first day involves the Riding of the Marches where horses and riders appear from everywhere and ride round the burgh boundaries accompanied by a pipe band.

Of course he got held up but I think enjoyed the event very much and he kept me up to date with these photos from his phone.
He mentioned that he'd found a new back road and passed a farm selling fresh eggs and breeding Hebridean sheep so when we did some shopping yesterday we collected a dozen eggs from the honest box whilst admiring the farm's lovely garden and beautiful sheep.   The eggs are wondrous, like jewels, and made a delicious quiche and a lemon drizzle cake for dinner last night, I must send him out on his bike soon for more.


  1. I had a nosebleed just looking at that first picture! Lovely looking eggs. Last time the mister here went out on his bike, all he came back with was blisters.

  2. I'm glad that we live in a single storey house - I get palpitations when I see Malcolm up a ladder!!

  3. Crikey, if Mr JK ventured up onto the roof, I think I'd end up phoning the fire brigade to get him down again! There is nothing like local free range eggs. We picked up a box on our walk on Friday and they are simply delicious. Enjoy your lemon cake (if there's any left!)

  4. Hi there! I have not been in contact for a very long time and for that I am sorry, but 2013 was a horrid year! Hope you are well. I have just enjoyed a lovely catchup of your blog.

  5. Those eggs really look great! I bet they taste delicious too! That must be a good snack for your husband when he finished cleaning up the gutters. You never know when you'd need your gutters the most, especially during unexpected downpours. Cleaning them up now could have saved you guys some money with repairs, as uncleaned gutters inevitably get corroded and fail. Just tell your hubby to keep safe when he's up there. Cheers!

    Evan Ford @ Easy Fall Guttering

  6. It seems that you really loved those freshly picked eggs! Anyway, it was nice that your husband was able to finish the gutter cleaning all by himself. I’m sure you saved a bit of cash doing that yourselves – rather than hiring someone to do it for you. Thanks for sharing this with us. All the best!

    Meghan Bowers @ Gutter Dome