Sunday, 21 July 2013

What's not to like

Unless you are the maintenance manager that is. 
The weather back in Scotland has been fantastic and better than Italy in some ways as here we have the benefit of long hours of daylight, I don't even get to burn any outside candles in the evening as there is absolutely no need.  
view from the back door
I am loving having the doors and windows are open wide, I live in shorts and t shirts and of course the flip flops get a good Scottish airing.   The garden is happy too and so far not distressed by lack of rain.  I've noticed our water pressure goes down in the evening, in fact it went off completely for half an hour or so the other day, must be lots of panic watering going on.  
However Mr FF has been rather busy, hot and dusty.  He's been cleaning off the paving slabs on the patio, re-levelling some that have gone out of kilter and re-grouting.  I have to say it looks fantastic, I am delighted and even more so now the outdoor furniture and a few pots of plants can go back to their rightful places.  
On the front balcony we've had some of the handrail replaced, this was quite a job not just as the poor carpenter was working in full sun for most of the day, unlike me isn't of the sun loving lizard persuasion, but it was technically challenging to fit all existing posts into the new top rail. Fortunately, Andrew was good natured and conscientious, I kept him hydrated with tea and lent him a hat, the job is finished.  
On Monday the painter arrives for two weeks to redecorate the whole of the outside of the house including the new rail.  
We are going to look amazing, if temperatures continue in the high 20s will I want to get back on the plane to Rome next month, at least I have time to think about that and keep checking the forecast.  


  1. There is nothing nicer than being able to sit outside and enjoy the long, light summer evenings. Bliss! Your balcony area looks great.

  2. The patio looks great. Mr FF really is such a handy chap.

  3. It's looking great! Your garden is, as always, beautiful (what I can see of it!) Rosx

  4. I miss the long hours of daylight, I really noticed it when we were home in April/Mary of this year, especially in the mornings. I was often up much earlier than normal. Love the patio and what a great balcony, nice to have the weather to enjoy it and to get the outside jobs done.


  5. This gorgeous weather is certainly taking the sting out of coming back from abroad, isn't it? Long may it last.

  6. It looks very lovely. Thanks to an enormous eucalyptus, our garden is covered in dead leaves.

  7. What a beautiful balcony:)

    Check out my new yummy post..and have a lovely week beautiful:)

    LOVE Maria