Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Not snapping

I am still without a camera which is no surprise as I have made no effort whatsoever to source a new one.  My last camera was a Canon PowerShot A430, it was fine but I'd like something that is a bit better for close ups whilst equally simple to use, I have no great interest in reading any manuals.  So any suggestions would be very welcome and I can check out the quality of your snaps on your blog.  Equally you can check mine and see the problem I'm having, some photos don't come out at all and these are sort of bleached out. 

Our terrace furniture in the rain 
and the stash busting cotton cushion cover I am currently knitting, a pattern I've used many times from an old Rowan Denim book.
We are enjoying sunshine and torrential rain, I am gardening when possible, the painter is painting and Mr FF is generally maintaining.   Despite Mr FF telling me that once the weather broke I'd be heading back to Lazio and the fact I have had to put my socks back on,  so far I am still very happy here in Scotland and I'm not leaving without a functioning camera.


  1. Sorry to hear this - it's so frustrating not to have a camera. I hated not having one when we burgled. With the insurance money I got a Sony Nex-3. I think they've changed slightly now but it's very simple to use and yet still takes good pictures.

    The knitting looks lovely. I love the chunkiness of the design. x

  2. I have a Panasonic Lumix G1, which I love. It does far more than I currently use, but I am gradually getting to grips with the many features (without reading the manual!)

  3. There's so much choice out there, isn't there? I haven't read the manual on my current camera, either. It's a Canon Powershot SX260 HS and I tend to stick with Auto mode. It's good for close ups but also has quite a powerful (20x) zoom. (It's classed as a 'bridge' camera so between an SLR and a point and click.)

  4. I hate not having a camera! Amazing how we become so attached to one, especially with blogging! Too much choice out there for cameras, I'd love a really good one to play with too.

    So if you don't use circs for large projects, what do you use? Just long, straight needles? My biggest problem with the circs is I'm used to tucking a longer needle under my arm and practically having my right hand free to control the yarn tension. It's definitely a struggle!


  5. I recently replaced my previous camera after a an accident involving a glass of wine! My new one is a Canon Powershot SX240, which I love. (A lot of pics on my blog are iPhone pics, though - but all the ones I put on of my recent hol to Cyprus are taken with the Canon, if that helps).

  6. Hope you manage to get yourself a camera soon. Mine is very basic, but think it takes nice photos. Mr JK has just got an iPhone and we are impressed with the quality of photos it takes. My phone doesn't even have a camera!!!