Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Walk like an Italian

The Italians like their passeggiata and they like their food so sensibly they combined the two on La Pedagnalonga.    We joined a few thousand other people for this gentle 15 k stroll along the tracks of Terracina on a sunny Sunday.  
We  each paid 10 euro to take part receiving a hat, a walk number and most importantly 7 tokens for our refreshments.  We hadn't progressed very far before we reached the first drinks station, coffee and pastries then more feeding stops came quickly with the quantity of food increasing at each one.  Every few kilometres we had something different, we enjoyed pizza with mozzarella, sausage in a roll, pasta with ragu, roast pork in a roll, borlotti beans with sliced sausage, salad, ice cream of many flavours, little cakes and biscuits. 
As well as water and juice there was proper coffee from the bar machines even though the barrista was under a gazebo at the track side, local red and white wine and towards the end limoncello or grappa
On the route there was often live music and at one stop people were up dancing, everyone was having a great time.  

We walked past some beautiful properties and saw typical extended Italian families enjoying al fresco lunch.   It was a wonderful day out, at the end of the walk all the ladies received a pot plant and the men a key ring 

Such a happy event full of friendly people who seemed delighted that our little group included Danes, a German/Italian and two Yorkshire folk who live in Scotland.   We all agreed we are going back next year to do it again. 


  1. That sounds such a lovely, all inclusive way to spend some time.

    I wonder if anything similar happens here, though I doubt it.

  2. That sounds delightful, how lucky are you. I'd love to do something like that, although possibly not 15K !

  3. I think I might be persuaded to walk 15km if I knew I was going to get fed and watered so well all the way round!!

  4. Sounds like my kinda walk!

  5. Perfetto!

    Such vicarious pleasure, I could almost smell the food - hear the music.

    Thank you for taking us along with you.

  6. Oh yes! Firsthand description of one of these "gastronomy walks". I have yet to go on one of these but the timing has always been off. Next year, perhaps!

  7. What a great day! With presents, too!

  8. Loved this post...and lucky you to be able to particate! Still following to get my travel fix!

  9. Loved this post...and lucky you to be able to particate! Still following to get my travel fix!