Monday, 25 February 2013

I wasn't going to but ...

I had decided this year that I wouldn't make marmalade just use up the existing stock, but then our lovely farm shop had these organic ones, how could I resist a bag full of pure Spanish sunshine.
The recipe is from Delia Smith, they say sticky pages are a good sign and mine certainly show years of use.  
The production is a two day process, I'm not so keen on the first day of simmering and chopping, scooping and squeezing but the second is all fun, a good rolling boil that perfumes the house and the chance to use some of my favourite jars.  
So I'm well stocked and whilst putting away 11 newly filled jars inevitably I discovered one I made earlier, three years ago to be exact.  I opened it this morning for breakfast, the marmalade was deliciously dark and mature.  I like my marmalade when its freshly made but its well worth the wait for a vintage flavour too.  
I also thought I wasn't going to acquire any more books this year but then Pam was having a clear out and gave me first refusal.  She had two large crates of books so taking 15 seemed quite modest.  Except of course that its set back my shelf clearing exercise by several months.



  1. Having just unpacked a box of jars of raspberry and blackcurrant jam (enough to feed a family of 4 for the entire war I do believe!) I am not going to make marmalade this year! You made some great book choices too!

  2. I don't like marmalade! I spotted two Jodi Picoult books in the piles - I picked up two this morning in Sainsbury's ..... they have a table of books which you can borrow for 50p each, the money going to a local charity.

  3. I can never resist new books, either. Before YOu Go to Sleep, which I spied in your bottom pic, is an excellent read.

  4. I do like marmalade but as I only eat it occasionally (noone else here eats it so one of those teeny weeny jars does me)I'm not making any this year. Can't blame you for accepting the books, same sort of thing happens here: I take a pile to the charity shop and then buy another pile.

  5. Hello Jenny
    I was going to mention 'Before You Go To Sleep' but Caroline got there before me!
    Great book - one of those 'can't put them down' ones - well at least it was for me.
    Take care

  6. "I like my marmalade when its freshly made but its well worth the wait for a vintage flavour too."

    I love that too..