Friday, 8 February 2013

Breaking all my rules

You know what a stoic I am, how I insist on one knitting project at a time and once I start a book I have to finish it. Well not any more.
I started reading this last week. I got to page 70 something and still had no idea what it was about, might as well have been reading it in Danish, totally impenetrable.  I complained to Mr FF last night that I was getting nowhere with it and wise old engineer he said 'life's too short to read a book you are not enjoying'.  True.  So today its gone into the charity bag and I'll find another in the bookcase that I'm trying so hard to empty.  
I decided to step out of the knitting comfort zone of socks scarves etc and tackle this.  Its the patchwork aran jacket from Debbie Bliss's Family Knits.  The patterns is in double knit cotton but I'm attempting it using British Breeds Yarn's Swaledale Aran, worsted spun in Yorkshire from 100% pure new British wool, that is pleasingly hairy and slightly oily. I've adjusted the needle size and its working fine, except that I'm not sure if my 10 x 100g balls will be enough and whether I'll be able to get more of the same shade, the wool isn't dyed but sheep come in varying shades, I know that.  I intend to get a bit further with the back. decide how I feel about the cardy and then speak to the manufacturers if I want to continue.
Its quite a complicated design, the clue is in the name, switching round the various patterns which have different number of rows, so it requires great concentration and is not the thing to tackle whilst watching anything demanding on tv.  When I take a break from the aran I don't know what to do with my hands so to retain my sanity I've also cast on a pair of plain socks.
Then there's the rule of not bring more stuff into the house, sadly that will go out of the window when my parcel arrives. Yesterday I was at a Boden party in the village, it was so much fun.  You got to seand try on the clothes before you decided, whilst enjoying good coffeand cake, there was discount on the catalogue price and the first 30 customers got a free gift, a pretty scarf.   I went looking for a new swimming costumer but ordered a dress, two tops and a bag, all in bright colours and slightly different to my normal style which is good I think.  Pam was with me and we seemed to select several identical items so now I need to find a new friend for the summer or we'll be going out looking like twins.  
All the rules are out of the window, who said old folk don't like change, well me actually. 


  1. I have to agree that life is too short to read a book you can't get into. Well done.

    Your cardigan looks good, I do like an interesting pattern that keeps me concentrating. I hope that you have enough yarn to complete it.

  2. What would we do without those wise old engineer husbands (I'm married to one, too!). Let us know what you choose to read next.

    About that lovely cardigan -and planning ahead- what do you think of using the extra yarn (if needed) on the front band? A slight difference in shade could be a 'design element'.

    I applaud your stretching of wings, ordering new styles and bright colors. Spring is just around the corner!! lvbj

  3. I'm loving the Aran jacket. It looks great in that yarn. Nice sockes too, for a bit of 'downtime' knitting. I have a pair in the very same yarn; so obviously a good choice! ROs

  4. I have some socks exactly the same colour as those - the first pair I ever knitted! Hope the cardi goes well - I struggle with Aran!

    Pomona x

  5. I don't like being beaten by a book either, but I think that there is far too much good reading material out there to waste time reading things you don't enjoy! I too have a pair of socks in the same Regia sock yarn - if Snoopydog, you and I ever meet up, we must wear them and be sock triplets!!

  6. I'm with you on the book thing. I can now ditch with abandon! Love that jacket though it looks to be way beyond my capabilities.

  7. If it makes you feel any better, I've given up on a book today as well. I don't like doing so (always feel weirdly guilty!) but as your wise husband says, life is indeed too short!

  8. Funnily enough I have just finished a book I just couldn't put down, Grayson Perry's autobiography Portrait of the artist as a young girl - fascinating.
    One life so many books - your husband is right.
    Your knits looks wonderful.

  9. Rules are meant to be broken, it's their sole purpose in life! Another one with an Engineer for a husband too, although he's not old, at least he tells me he's not! Love the cardi, way too complicated for me but I'm liking my patterned socks, although with a hat on the go too, papercraft projects, work and numerous other things, I'm finding nothing of any worth is really getting done. Roll on the weekend.