Friday, 3 April 2009

Seriously new beginnings

I was already on a high with all the spring growth and sunny days when my niece phoned me on Wednesday evening. Kerry who was married in July 2007 is my eldest niece and my god daughter. She is expecting a baby in November, around the date of my birthday. So the little girl who first came to stay with us when she was three is going to be a Mum. I remember how she used to shake our cats bean bags and then bury her head in the middle to make a cosy hollow for them. As a toddler she went through a mad phase of talking about herself in the third person, Mum, she wants a drink etc. One time she said to me She wants to go to the toilet, OK off you go I replied, you can manage. Oh no was the reply, you take her, I took her last time.
This is such exciting news, the first of a new generation for our family, my brother will be a grandfather, I shall be a great aunt. Actually I'm not that enamoured at being a great aunt and apparently neither are the other two great aunts to be who sat beside me at Kerry's wedding in the special Aunt's row second from the front. I have memories of my Gran's sisters, Alice, Emma and Kit, who seemed very old and not very interesting when I was a child. All three were widows who spent their days in chairs beside the fire, at least that's what they were doing whenever I went with Gran to visit. Obviously I won't be like that, I'll be in a chair beside the fire knitting.
It goes without saying that I am excited by all the knitting opportunities and while I'll have to wait to find out whether its a boy or girl before I start any clothes, I can press on with booties and blankets. I wonder if I can find a pattern for maternity socks.
Yes, I did check that the call wasn't an April Fool, it was after midday anyway.


  1. Congratulations on your happy news! Thank you for your lovely comment at my blog too, you are the very first to do so!

  2. Hurray hurray, what lovely news! I'm quite fond of little babies myself, you know :o)

    What a nice piece of news for such a beautifully sunny day.

    Congratulations, Great Aunt Flip-Flops-to-be.

    Little Miss Sunshine xx

  3. First I adore your tea pot! It is so cute. And love the flip flops....think I might like to try flip flops in Italy too!Congrats on the new little upcoming arrival. Your friend got some special socks...they are on my bucket say I knitted them.... at least once in my life.

  4. Forgot to add that visiting Scotland is also on my bucket list. *0*

  5. Great news!

    I think you'll be a fab Great Aunt and I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll be knitting for the wee nipper.

  6. Such happy news. Your niece is a lucky girl, I bet you will make her lots of nice things.


  7. delightful news - you know how much I like little people - so much love and joy they bring. xx

  8. Hi there! Thanks for visiting me and joining in on my giveaway! :o) So nice to meet you and find your fun place here. CONGRATS on the wonderful family news, you happy Great Aunt you! Happy Days to you all as you await the little one... ((HUGS)) Oh, LOVE that teapot in your garden! :o)