Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter

A quick update combining my usual passions, garden and socksTwo more pairs of put together socks from left over Opal, and still plenty in the scrap bag. I'm really pleased with the way the different yarns work together, these hardly look like patchwork socks at all though the last few pairs might be a bit more hotchpotch.
A spring pair from the yarn I bought in France. I really like this simple herringbone rib pattern, Charade, by Sandra at I May Be Knitting a Ranch House, great blog name.
We are enjoying some great weather here in Scotland, sunny and dry, in fact I was just speaking to a friend up the road who told me she has her flip flops on. I haven't reached that stage, still in socks. Anyway, we are both working hard in the garden and if I don't stop and get out there again there will be mutterings from Mr FF.
Hope you are having a lovely Easter.


  1. It's amazing how you make so many socks. I couldn't. I believe it's not easy at all!


  2. Gorgeous socks, I'm hoping to make many pairs just for myself this year. (I showed my mum the first pair and since then I was inundated!)

  3. Beautiful socks...I LOVE knitting, but sock knitting is not something I'm too good at yet...trying though...somehow I can't seem to get used to working with all those needles all at once--LOL! Happy Days :o)

  4. Great socks! My feet are still covered up (mostly in boots), so you are not alone. It has to be really hot before my tootsies come out to play...

  5. Love the socks! I must start doing the same with my leftovers. The bag has enough to keep me sock knitting for a year I should think. Love the idea of guerilla planting too.