Friday, 16 January 2009


Its that time again, I have a pan of Seville oranges simmering on the cooker and the house smells deliciously citrusy. I asked Mr FF to pick up the fruit when he was in town, I haven't ventured very far this year and there is nothing as exotic as bitter oranges locally. He bought them on his way home, they were outside in the gloom and he didn't really check them over so I received a rather motley selection. I should have briefed him, but I'm sure they will be fine and we'll get enough marmalade for the coming year with some to give away too.
As usual, I have a pair of appropriately matching socks on the needles.

Maybe next year I'll try knitting marmalade and boil up some socks.


  1. I can picture you saying your last sentence on your blog-too funny!

  2. About the award: you deserve it very much.
    About todays post: your oranges will give a nice marmelade. I like oranges very much, not only the colour bit also the smell. It's one of those things that puts me in a good mood.
    Pitty I can't make socks,yours look so nice...


  3. Blimey - is it marmelade making time already? As usual, I don't have enough jars ready (although I do have a rather nice new jam pan....).
    I keep looking at your lovely socks and wondering whether to try to learn to knit this year...

  4. Fabulous colours! I think knitting bright socks in winter should be mandatory to raise everyone's spirits.