Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Year New Things

We are not great ones for battling to the sales or for impulse buying but we did go out to look for a new reclining chair for Mr FF, the stuffing is starting to come out of the one he has and although he says he doesn't mind that, I do. We didn't find one but we did get this brown leather club chair. It isn't to replace the recliner so perhaps it was bought on a whim, but we both like it lots and it makes a big difference to the room. I ordered on the net some John Lewis hotel quality towels at half price, I'd been lusting after these for a while, 2 hand towels in stone and 2 bath size in a brick red. They were delivered free and I was delighted to find they are first quality and not seconds as I'd expected. We also bought a collection of rather whacky items in the sales that I haven't photographed yet, I will, they make us both smile.
Meantime, new socks for Mr FF, knitted over the holidays in Lana Grossa
and finally not so new but resurrected, I've got the patchwork out again and completed quite a bit more, could 2009 be the year its finished. Joanne you must be so proud of me.


  1. I like your club chair a lot and look forward to sitting on it soon.

  2. Lovely chair!

    Thanks for your interest in the Opal - I'll be glad to send it to you. I'll find out what postage would be and will let you know.


  3. Fab tub chair and very cool socks. Socks are definitly on my list of knitting projects for 2009. After the fingerless gloves. And Scarf. And cardi. Oh, and shoulder wrap. Oh hell. Never enough time.