Friday, 25 July 2008

I'm loving this

Today was the most perfect day, it started when I woke to bright sunshine at 6.30 am. I got up, made tea, fed Cleo and went back to bed to read, followed by a little doze. I spent the morning on a few domestic chores and then went out to pick fruit to make a summer pudding. We have a bit of a tradition with this, I only ever make summer pudding with our own fruit and generally just harvest whatever is available. I had enough fruit to make two puddings, which are now in the fridge weighted down to squash all the lovely juices into the bread, we will no doubt demolish both over the weekend with some creme fraiche.
Then in the afternoon I tackled this. Its all the small branches from the tree Mr FF chopped down last weekend, I put them through the shredder to make garden mulch. A noisy dirty job but I really enjoy this kind of productive manual work, got absolutely filthy and sweaty and produced a wonderful pile of useable material. I've had a shower now and put on clean clothes, I feel exhausted in such a good way and ready for a glass of wine while I cook dinner. I just can't get enough of this gardening leave, which Mr FF tells me ends next week.

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