Tuesday, 27 May 2008

We're all doing OK

We had a good weekend with our guests, Roger and Christine, and though I was quite preoccupied with worrying about Cleo, we did all go off yesterday for a walk on the East Lothian coast. I eventually stopped fretting about leaving her and enjoyed the bright blustery day. Cleo had spent the afternoon in the garden obviously moving round to keep in the sunshine and out of the wind. The leg may not be working but the brain certainly is.
Cleo still seems happy and amazingly is getting about well, in fact during the night she had gone out through her cat door, climbed onto the window cill outside Roger and Christine's bedroom and howled to be let in. Christine kindly got up, opened the window and took her into the kitchen to feed her (I said they were cat people). We woke this morning to find Cleo asleep on the end of our bed and couldn't believe Roger when he told us what had happened. She has been out in the garden this evening and is now fast asleep on a favourite mohair rug. We are spoiling her rotten, no less than she deserves.

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