Friday, 4 January 2008

Winter Weather

There was snow on the ground when I left home yesterday morning and showers on and off throughout the day. I left work early to get home before dark and had an interesting journey that took me twice as long as normal to travel 22 miles. The streets of Edinburgh were icy and once out of the city the roads were snowy. I managed to slither my way up the untreated back lane to our house, down into our road and got stuck at the bottom of our drive. Mr FF kindly shovelled the drive and got the car up and safely into the garage. I did mention to him that when the car starts to slide a warning light appears on the display panel, he said he's never seen it before which could be taken as a reflection on my driving!

We woke this morning to still more snow and a few showers are forecast before the temperature warms up tomorrow. I've only ventured out to top up the bird feeders, its far too wintery for a flipflop wearer like me.

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  1. Hello Jenny,

    Thought I'd let you know I'm regularly enjoying your blog from so very far away. You are in competition with the Scotsman online for my lunchtime reading slot :o) Of course, usually you win. The photos of the snow are wonderful! Stay warm!

    Love Catriona