Wednesday, 23 January 2008

I couldn't stop myself

from buying a few more balls of sock wool, one of Opal and two of Aruncania. I've never used the latter before, its a hand painted yarn from Chile, a country Mr FF visited a few years ago. I pointed out that he could have brought me some wool back from his travels, but then he did bring me lots of other lovely gifts from Chile and Peru. The wool was in a 30% off sale in Edinburgh, which obviously justifies the purchase.

I've started knitting the Opal even though I still have one project to finish, not like me but we've just come through what is apparently the worst day of the year from a weather, financial and emotional point of view so I deserve a treat. Besides Germintrude (the non blogging blogger) did say I should make socks to match my marmalade. The wool is knitting up beautifully, I always enjoy self patterning yarn as you never quite know whats going to happen next. And speaking of not knowing etc, my car is on the blink, a problem with the power steering that our local garage cannot fix, so now we have to find somewhere else, possibly wait for parts and juggle journeys to work and meetings sharing Mr FF's motor. Bad January, good sock wool.

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