Wednesday, 15 May 2019

an unexpected tappa

Having told anyone who would listen that we weren’t going to watch the Giro d’Italia this year, Mr FF announced yesterday morning we could catch the days stage that ended in Frascati by driving not too far.  So late afternoon we set off searching for a road that crossed the route.  I thought we were travelling blind but credit where it’s due we reached a T junction that was closed by one rather glamorous lady police officer, long dyed hair and dangly diamond earrings.  
I’d say that 50% of the people waiting were cross because the road was closed, one lady got very agitated shouting that she needed to get through as she had children at home and despite spectators offering alternative routes I think she expected the Giro to halt and let her by.  The police woman did a great job explaining and calming the situation, then two Carabiniere arrived, in their smart uniforms complete with pistols and everyone started to behave.
It’s so exiting waiting for the boys, people were following the race on their phones, updating us all, one man even had the tv on his phone.  You know the race is near when the helicopter hovers above.   First there was a breakaway of two, then a single rider and finally the glorious peloton swept down towards us and quickly by, so beautiful.
We heard later there had been a crash towards the end taking time out of the main contenders, fortunately Simon Yates wasn’t seriously hurt and retains his second place in the GC.  I did give him a shout out as you can hear on this video Mr FF made for me.

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  1. I couldn't believe the speed of the cyclists when I was watching them race close to me in the tour of Britain a few years back. Just breathtaking to watch.