Saturday, 3 November 2018

I’ve never been 70 before

It was my 70th birthday this week, no please don’t make a fuss I didn’t, like new year it’s just another day.  We went out for dinner with friends, I had lovely presents and cards from italy and the UK including these hand knitted dishcloths with matching oven glove from my danish friend.  She had apparently noticed the dreadful state of my oven glove, holey, stained and ragged, found me a new one and sourced some matching cotton
I thought I was no different as I reached my next decade until I was blocking 
my latest pair of socks

Bummer, one foot is at least 20 rows longer than the other.  My first thought was to knit another equally mismatched pair.  I’d have one normal pair of ladies socks but the larger pair would be too big for anyone I know, even if they liked a rather short leg
So old age isn’t going quite as well as I hoped, and I’m sorry this post is all over the shop.  It’s hopeless posting with the iPad even though I can finally add photographs it almost kills me doing so as I can only ever see a small section of the post at any time and the screen constantly jumps about. 


  1. Join the club Jenny. You have to laugh about old age and keep telling yourself that the alternative is worse.

  2. Hope your transition to your next decade continues more smoothly! x

  3. Happy birthday! I know you don't like a fuss but I hope there was cake. Shame about the socks. Your old oven glove sounds like my ironing board cover.

  4. I know that I'm late, but Happy Birthday Jenny! Only now do I realize that you knit socks. They're perfect!