Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The big bathroom reveal

I don't have photographs of the bathroom before, it wasn't included on the estate agents details, for obvious reasons, it was the room they showed us last and I can understand why.  The floor tiles were black and white check, many of them broken because the floor underneath had been flooded in the past and rotted, the washbasin was a black counter top bowl that was too far onto the marble shelf to use comfortably and showed every soapy drop of water.
The cabinets had obviously been white and badly painted black, and the piece de resistance of course was the free standing black bath with silver feet, these are all the photos I have but you get the idea.
We managed to squeeze into the bathroom a large shower that has a steam facility, a bath, toilet and basin.  No way was I going to live in a home without a bath which did delayed the decision making and involve a lot of planning but we got there.  It was my original desire that I would be able to lay in the bath and look through the door across the bedroom to the hills but we had to move the door and take a chunk out of the bedroom to make space for new fitted wardrobes.  I was disappointed this didn't happen and very sad when the new wall was tiled, no going back then.
However the new bathroom is very beautiful.  There are just a few final touches, for example we fitted shiny white panels to the ceiling and the very last one to go up was damaged. 
We have to wait a week for a replacement but I can't wait another week to show you.

There's a handy storage drawer under the basin so I only need display my most beautiful toiletries

It was difficult to find a wash basin that didn't project too far into the room but still had putting down space, this is great

A lovely big shower head and in the photo below you can see there is also a little spray,  presumably for those hard to reach areas.  Yes there is a slight slope on the shower ceiling that's to allow the condensation to drain when we are steaming

That's not a phone on the wall in the shower its the controller for the steam facility

The back lit auto demist mirror is operated by holding your hand at the bottom, Mr FF has left the instruction on the wall for those of us who fail to embrace technology

My bath 

The pale grey marble that edges the bath is also used in the bottom of the recess behind the toilet

We designed the layout ourselves (after much argument) and sourced the fittings and tiles direct.  We paid day rates to Jim our plumber/tiler/boy wonder who added some very lovely details, Jack our joiner and Lewis our electrician, Mr FF project managed and I was the gofer doing emergency dashes for bits and pieces in town. I also provided copious amounts of tea and coffee, biscuits, bacon sandwiches and sometimes lunches, everyone got on great and it was a pleasure to have the boys around.  We are all delighted with the end result but personally I am so glad its finished.  Now where's my shower cap.


  1. It all looks fabulous! Me too - I have to have a bath, I can't understand people who remove their baths. I love a long soak with a good book to read and a big mug of hot chocolate, and maybe a biscuit or two!!

  2. It looks so fresh and modern. I have to have a bath too, nothing better for aching knees. We have a Jacuzzi tub and I love it. Shower in the summer when it's hot.

  3. i love the style..its so simple but very elegant to look at. you are amazing and very inspiring. thanks for sharing

  4. Wow! What a stunning bathroom. I love your tile floor and the tub. great job.

  5. your bathroom is looking amazing. This turned out fantastic, and I Love the tub and the tile! Very elegant to look at. thanks

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeousness, looks amazing. You just need a flute of champagne, a few ridiculously expensive candles and a bath bomb and you' ll be good to go. Enjoy, it's all been worth it.

  7. Ooh, very swish! Looks fab! Another fan of long soaks in the bath here......well, until I need hoisting out.

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  9. It looks very posh Jenny! You'll be spending all your waking hours in there being sprayed and steamed!

  10. Wow! What a fabulous bathroom. Love the colours!