Sunday, 6 November 2016

Back to the post office

I called in at our village post office thinking I'd stock up on stamps to avoid the incident in my previous blog post.  I waited patiently and when my turn came I asked for five one euro stamps. No no said the man, we have no stamps, no stamps at all I asked, not of any other value.  No he said.  Where can I buy stamps I asked, try the tobacconist he suggested.  Of course the tobacconist had none, the lady suggested I try the post office.
Later in the mini market a lady who has seen me in the post office asked if I'd found stamps, no I replied, we are a village without stamps.  She suggested I try the main post office at Anangi, about 10 miles away, actually I think I might invest in a pigeon.


  1. Ha ha! A pigeon would probably be a lot quicker and cause far less stress. Good luck!

  2. I live in the northwest of Italy and the lack of postage stamps is an ongoing problem. The local Post Office never has any and the tabacconist is always out of them. They also never seem to know the correct postage for Europe and other countries. The situation never seems to improve!!! Coraggio .... Ro