Wednesday, 16 March 2016

And patterns I have made up

Been a busy time both here at the penthouse and away from it.  We had a great time with our Danish friends who made their first visit to Yorkshire and took particular delight in the dry stone walls that criss cross the hills.  It's nice to be reminded how beautiful your country is by seeing things through new eyes.
They brought me this beautiful candle holder/vase/whatever you wish that is just lovely and pleasingly large as well as chocolates and a bag of marzipan and liquorice eggs, two of my favourite flavours in one.  I'll let you know what they are like come Easter.
The day the Danes departed we rushed off to our friends who live near Pickering in North Yorkshire for five nights cat sitting their elderly boy Panther.   
Surprisingly since we spent so much time keeping Panther company, he gets a little anxious on his own, I haven't done that much knitting. However I have been making space in my knitting bag by using up some left over yarn to produce socks for Mr FF.  I warned him they might not be a matching pair but it seems now, after much weighing, that the socks will be identical with not much yarn to spare
We  got home on Sunday afternoon and life is returning to normal.  Mr FF continues to try to source the perfect doors and windows for our lounge, we now have a builder on stand by for next month and I am delighting in the spring like weather and have ventured out twice now without a coat.

Our Danish friends went out to Lazio on Monday, they said it's unseasonably cold out there and their house is taking a while to warm up.  I'm rather pleased we won't be leaving for a while yet if not exactly delighted at the thought of all that building work.


  1. I love the vase/candle holder ........ but as I don't like marzipan, I'll pass on the eggs!!

  2. I like both marzipan and licorice, but hadn't considered them as a combination! Are you friends staying in your house in Lazio? If so, I do hope they will be able to give you news of your feline family.

  3. Love your candle holder. Would love it even more filled with marzipan and liquorice eggs! Hope your visitors paused in their dry stone wall gazing to admire your pristine shelves and cupboards.

  4. Up here in Wensleydale today it is the most beautiful day.

  5. The Great Dane is salivating as I call out 'marzipan and licorice eggs!'....favourite Danish sweets.
    Like you, we are deep in plans for renovation - tile samples are on the table and molding samples on the floor. The challenge is to find and book the workmen. I will stay tuned to see how your work comes along.

  6. Those socks will be fabulous! Lucky Mr FF! Ros x

  7. Your view looks grogeous in the sunshine, Jenny. Isn't it nice being able to go out without a coat - always one of my favourite things about the arrival of spring (she says, as the wind howls and the rain lashes, as I type this!)