Sunday, 21 February 2016

Pensioners at the Pictures

We are fortunate to have our own 56 seater cinema here in Ilkley but the last five days have seen films at various other venues throughout the town as we enjoyed the third Ilkley Film Festival.   For some reason the two films I selected for us to see were both rather ageist.
Firstly we saw Youth, beautifully filmed mostly at a Swiss spa hotel it stars Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel as they contemplate their past, the lives of their children and lost memories.  It features a fair amount of nudity, both mature well used and young firm bodies, guests taking treatments at the spa or in the various pools.  I enjoyed the scene where a young Miss Universe staying at the hotel enters the pool while Michael and Harvey are chatting, no words, their faces say it all

The second film we saw was 45 Years with Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtney as a couple about to celebrate their wedding anniversary when they receive news that changes their lives. Again much retrospection. 
We went to see both films in the afternoon during the school half term week which meant the audience was mainly people beyond work or child raising age. The themes of both films, old age, long marriages and people with a lot more past than future seemed particularly relevant and poignant, on both occasions when the film ended and the lights came back on the audience seemed to look around with some sadness and total silence.  I can't say either film was uplifting but certainly thought provoking, beautifully acted and thoroughly enjoyable. So nice too to be able to walk out for 15 minutes and be at the pictures, no travel or parking problems involved.

Does anyone nowadays call the cinema the pictures or is that another age thing.


  1. We hardly ever seem to manage to get to the cinema these days. Having one right on your doorstep is certainly a bonus.

  2. I've looked at both those films and wondered about them - now I think I'll see them. Thank you for your thoughts on them.
    Over on this side of the pond we call it 'going to see a movie' or 'a film'. The buildings are all cinemas, but no one ever really refers to them like that - and I am definitely of an age to be retired!

  3. I've seen 45 years and I can't say I found it at all enjoyable. I seem to remember the best thing about it was the views of Norwich lol

  4. I haven't heard anyone call it 'the pictures' in a long time.

  5. Going to the pictures is certainly what I did in my youth.
    We have a day here once a fortnight for the over 60s, it costs £3.20 and includes a large coffee and a packet of biscuits each too.

  6. Haven't been to the pictures (yep, still call it that) for ages but going tomorrow to see The Revenant. Wish we still had one of those little cinemas here but we're stuck with Cineworld.