Thursday, 28 January 2016

Colours of spring

For now I have solved the problem of not being able to see my knitting by resorting to lighter coloured yarn, impossible not to see these. 
These are Tidal Wave which I have knitted before but for this pair I continued the pattern down the top of the foot.  It didn't work out quite symmetrical as the pattern begins with k1 yarn over and obviously that wouldn't work at both ends but I'm happy with the result.
There has been a lot of sunshine colour in the penthouse lately.  Having worried about boiling up oranges for hours in an apartment building, I decided that a citrusy scent wouldn't be that bad and produced my usual batch of marmalade. 
In fact the smell didn't drift outside our place which smelt delicious. 
Bunches of daffs are so cheap at the moment and so uplifting,  worth every penny.  Also a little pot of tiny daffs on the office window cill, I am hoping that when they are finished I can take the bulbs to Italy otherwise they will go into our communal garden.  I noticed the other day that the snowdrops I brought last year from my brother's farm and planted out here are flowering nicely.  I must go down and no a bit of weeding soon.


  1. The Tidal Wave pattern is great isn't it. I must dig mine out and look at the feet as I cannot remember them being just knit in stocking stitch! I agree, nothing like a cheap bunch of daffs to lift the spirits and homemade marmalade too. Probably just as well you didn't stink out the whole block or you might have felt obliged to give lots of jars away!

  2. That marmalade looks delicious. I am trying hard to conjour up the smell as I haven't made any for some years.

  3. I'm sure your marmalade is delicious, but I have never liked it! I love your socks.

  4. Snap! I made marmalade yesterday though it may well turn out to be orange soup. Envious of your snowdrops. We just can't seem to grow them here. Love the socks.