Sunday, 29 March 2015

Do not disturb

I've been on my own in the penthouse for the last couple of weeks.  Mr FF drove out to Italy in the car completely rammed full of unwanted items from our downsize.  I left him to it then listened when he told me on the phone we now have many duplicates and he couldn't find space for everything.  Things never change.
He's been busy in the house, a storm had blown the chimney cowl off, it landed on and destroyed our garden table, a large expanse of fence had blown down, the freezer had stopped working and he had quite a bit of earth to move from his landscape work.  
I meanwhile have enjoyed two weeks of utter calm, solitude, relaxation and self indulgence.  Not long enough to tire of my own company but long enough to slip into an easy (lazy) routine that has involved many long baths, beauty treatments, calorie controlled meals, excessive reading, hours on the computer and strolls to town.  
I feel refreshed and energised.   Apart from brief conversations with other inmates I've met in the hall and a few phone calls I've hardly spoken to anyone but I haven't felt at all lonely.   I know it wouldn't be healthy to live this lifestyle for a long period, I'd probably loose the art of speech and turn into some nutty recluse, but knowing it was only for two weeks made it seem like an acceptable respite from normal life.    I had imagined I might sort out some kitchen cupboards and the wardrobes full of hastily unpacked items, no chance. After an initial attack on the office I resorted to my default setting of sloth.  
Normal service will resume on Tuesday, Mr FF has already started the long drive home. April will be full on organisation as we have friends coming to stay and prepare to move to Italy for an indefinite period.  And I shall be ready for it, I feel I've had a total detox, two weeks of spa treatment for free.  Happy me time.


  1. How nice to have a place in Italy to spend time in, lucky you.

  2. That sounds like the perfect way to spend your time.

  3. Two weeks like that every now again would be wonderful. I can't imagine what would have happened if the mister here had set off on his own for the house we used to have in Spain. With his sense of direction, there probably would have been an SOS from Poland.

  4. Sounds like utter bliss, Jenny, how lovely.

  5. Sounds like the perfect way to relax. I bet you are looking forward to your first visit of the year to Italy.

  6. I love a bit of time on my own. When hubby was working in the auto industry for a major manufacturer he would spend four to six weeks over the course of a year hot or cold climate testing somewhere. And I loved it! I loved having a little time to myself, even though I was working too. I loved coming home to an empty house, my own thoughts and doing things I wanted to do when I wanted to do them! I really do think that a little time apart does wonders.