Monday, 3 February 2014

Scarf style

Well I took your advice and knit and knit and knit my Clapotis for about 6 feet, that's 1.8 metres, and you were quite right it is beautiful with plenty to wrap around and drape.

Just look how much there is, it took me almost as long to release all the dropped stitches as it did to knit them.
I watched one of those house hunting programmes on the tv recently, the lady of the middle aged couple was French and very stylish.  For each property visit she was wearing a different beautifully arranged and well behaved scarf.  The couple were shown some beautiful homes, all understated elegance and clean lines, reflecting her dress sense so well.  For several months each year a scarf is essential in our Scottish climate, sometimes even in the house,  and my tying abilities are somewhat lacking, I really need to upgrade and its not as if I don't have plenty of practice with. 
I still have about 150 g of yarn to use, so I've started this easy lace scarf from my One-Skein wonders book.   Such an simple 2 row pattern, each right side is the same and each wrong side is plain, the reward for effort ratio is enormous. It looks a bit lumpy and bumpy at present but I think once its blocked out it will be very pretty and hopefully as easy to arrange into something stunning as it is to knit.


  1. I don't have too much problem wearing scarves but cannot find a way to make triangular shawls look right on me at all!!

  2. Love it! You must watch this video for scarf tying ideas too.

  3. I love your scarf! I have quite a few - but anything woolly makes me itch!

  4. The scarf turned out great - has a different diagonal look to it. Or is that just the way the photo was taken? Is it possible for you to describe the 'dropped stitch' pattern?
    I go through stages during our winter of trying to wear scarves - after losing my patience trying to knot silk ones in pretty pretty styles I ususally end up wearing the same one hung around my neck

  5. Gorgeous scarf. I wear one (not always knitted) most days but that's more to do with the ageing neck than the weather!