Wednesday, 21 August 2013

It's all so déjà vu

Not only did we have the repeat problem with horrible guests this visit but once again I've broken a tooth here in Italy with no plans to return to Scotland.  After the last episode when I had terrible tooth ache, I've been persuaded by a friend in Rome, where we came for lunch, to visit his dentist, he has promised to come with me to help communicate.  The dental studio is closed for holidays but an emergency dentist will see me at 8.45 this evening, it's like waiting to be hung.  I am worried I might make matters worse, I'm not in pain at the moment but that could change, Mr FF is worried about how much it will cost and what time we will get home as we are leaving early in the morning for an overnight trip to the Adriatic coast and its a couple of hours drive back to our house after I've had any treatment.      I must stop cooking the pasta so al dente, my teeth are fine back in the UK.


  1. I doubt this can help you now but when I travel I carry a small pack of the dental wax kids use on their braces. If the broken tooth isn't paining me I can dull the edges with a bit of the wax until I get home. My daughter carries a foul tasting quick repair she picked up at the drugstore, says it works but I can't get past the taste. Having been there I share your pain. Hope everything works out well.

  2. Oh my. Not the best of circumstances but fingers crossed you have a positive result tonight.

  3. Snap! I did the same thing at lunch on the first day of our Greek holiday. I have an appointment with the dentist on Tuesday. I am fearing the worst for my tooth. It wasn't even an olive stone that did the damage, it was a piece of bread!!!