Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Typical Easter weather with little lambs shivering in the field and spring flowers in my garden in the prone position.  There are however some positive indications
A few little eggs, there would be more but despite being brought up to save my chocolate until Easter Monday I've already eaten some
A pretty chicky tea towel from Paperchase
and a new black leather clutch bag (well the play on words is sort of egg related). 
 Hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend.


  1. Ha ha! HAPPY EASTER to you too Jenny. Sadly, no chocolate here! A wedding completely diverted my brain's normal 'give me chocolate NOW!' wiring. Probably a good thing, considering the quantity that I've eaten over the last few days. Ros

  2. I already ate my Easter bunny on Good Friday. I was brought up to wait till Easter Sunday, though now I think of it, we rarely got chocolate eggs when we were very little, my parents were too sensible/mean!

    You should have a look at this:-

  3. No chocolate for me, I'm being good! But I will admit to a Hot Cross Bun and maybe an Easter Biscuit or two! The beach in South Carolina is calling and the bikini trying on session wasn't pretty, so I'm eating carrot sticks for a snack. At least it's Easter related!!


  4. Belated Happy Easter Jenny! We have just got back from the Lakes where our thoughtful cottage owners left us a chocolate bunny! Mmmmmm. I do like your chick teatowel!