Friday, 26 March 2010

After a long pause

I hate it when those reality competitions on tv have such a long pause before they announce the winner where we watch anxious faces waiting for the result so apologies for the delay on my giveaway, I hope you didn't get stressed. I was out yesterday lunching with Helen, Mr FF, our celebrity draw master, was out last night dining with ex colleagues and today he had meetings. Finally the names went into the (compulsory for my age purple velvet) hat. and the winner is (insert pause to your desired length)
Mandycharlie at My Knitting and Allotment
Hurray, well done. I have already put a comment on your blog for you to let me know whether your want diy yarn or completed socks amongst the surprises. I was a bit disappointed to read so many posts from other bloggers who like me had been selected for a giveaway but never received anything. I promise a parcel will arrive very soon (but not that soon if I am to knit socks).
Thanks everyone for entering my giveaway and for all the lovely spring time comments.


  1. Oh Wow! Thank you so much, I never win anything..

    I'll look forward to receiving some yummy sock yarn.

    I shall email you immediately.


  2. I wish I could knit!!! I crochet, but no one has been able to teach me to knit.

    I love your blog!
    Joey from Texas

  3. What a fabulous hat! So suitable for the occasion.

  4. Well done Mandycahrlie!! Some of you blogger have the most fabulous hats!! xxxx

  5. Mandycharlie deserves the yarn, she doesn't have enough!!! LOL

  6. Congrats to MandyCharlie on the great win... And thank you for all the fun of the giveaway, Jenny! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  7. Congratulations to the lucky winner....:O)