Friday, 19 June 2009

Its mine to squander

A while ago my cousin gave me an unidentified ball of wool, it would have made pretty socks but seemed very fragile and unlikely to wear so I started to knit a shawl that I intended to give to her. As ever I had the not enough wool turmoil and though I produced a nice enough shoulder cover it certainly wouldn't have fitted my cousin. In that thinking aloud way I mentioned to Mr FF that I might pull it out and make something else, he gave me one of his lectures on wasting time. As far as I'm concerned, time spent knitting is never wasted whatever the out come and as a retired woman I do feel I have time to waste. At the age of 5 I stepped on to the hamster wheel of life and now at 60 I'm off it at last, my time is my own.
We had a similar conversation one day when he'd been out at meetings and I asked him to collect a few provisions on his way home, stressing that nothing was urgent and only if he had time and was passing shops. He came home with my order and cross that it had taken him 1.5 hours to find a shop and make the purchases. I reminded him that I'd said only if he had time and that I could easily go to the nearest village, about 8 miles away if necessary. His reply was that I couldn't be wasting my time travelling to shops.
I don't think he has any comprehension of the time I waste and what a luxury it is to be able to do so. At present I'm busy watching my first tomato turn red in the greenhouse and what could be nicer than laying in bed with the curtains wide open, drinking tea, contemplating the day ahead whilst gazing onto the garden. Note I don't do this during the week the window cleaners are due, I did get caught out once, had to sort of roll out of bed and crawl towards my dressing gown.And the little shawl, inspired by Tracy's post I'm going to pass it on to some charity that provides comfort for those who need it, so not wasted time at all.
I hope you have plenty of time to waste this weekend.


  1. I love your idea of drinking tea and soaking in that view. Lovely!

  2. What a lovely post! I could not agree more on the time wasting issue. What could be more precious that time, and when it's your own, the allure of just being able to spend it however you want.. And creating things, even! What a life of luxury! Your husband obviously struggles more than you with that topic.

    Also, made me giggle, you crawling on your bedroom floor while the window cleaner presumably is busy pretending not to see.. Hehe.

  3. I had a good old chuckle at your post! It's a 'man' thing. Although I am still full-time teaching (not many more years to go, thank goodness)I 'waste' hours with yarn. I mean 'with yarn' and not necessarily knitting it; rather foraging, searching, fondling,choosing, buying etc. etc.
    Your garden looks wonderful. Our tomatoes are still decidedly green, but looking much healthier than last year's crop, most of which ended up in chutney......jar upon jar of it!

  4. Thank you for your comment on my blog.

    I used to knit whilst watching the TV but now that I do not have time to watch TV there is no time for knitting. Role on retirement!

    Did the window cleaner arrive very early or were you very late getting up?

  5. What a lovely post, Jenny! Our time is our time, and we must use it how we see fit--LOL! Each day is a little work of art we can create and enjoy. That's my view anyway. ;o) But I think my husband would have said something rather similar to what yours did--LOL! A man thing, definitely. But I love that your shawl will be used, as it is, and going to someone to keep them cozy and warm--so lovely of you! Your garden and view are gorgeous... a cuppa, knitting in time to that view--perfick! ;o) Happy Summer Days, Jenny ((HUGS))

  6. Now who was it who said
    what is this life so full of care
    that you have no time to stand and stare?
    On the island time is never wasted for over here it stands still.