Sunday, 5 October 2008

Happy Birthday Catriona

Catriona who I used to work with is 40 today and sadly far away in New York State. I posted this clapotis off to her a while ago with instructions not to open the package before her special day. It was knitted in a wonderful Noro wool, silk, cashmere mix, a delight to handle, and it blocked out so well, big enough to wear as a wrap but soft and light enough to use as a scarf. I hope she likes it, I hope she has a wonderful birthday, I miss her.


  1. I love clapotis and yours is particularly lovely. Just love that color.

    I knitted one and ran out of wool before I finished it! Ironically it's an Italian wool that I've never seen over here and my other attempts to find a spare ball (even from a different lot) haven't been successful. It was my first big project and no one suggested I buy one extra it sits unfinished. I don't know whether I should rip it out and try again, tighter this time, or what. I will have to figure something out as I'm dying to use it because there's definitely a chill in the air in the evenings now.

  2. This is a work of art and a sheer delight to wear, partly because of the silk and cashmere in the yarn, but mainly because I know it was made with such love. I'm wearing it now and missing you too, Jenny! Thank you for such a special birthday gift!
    Catriona xxx