Sunday, 24 February 2008

Ending and beginning

The Cashmerino blanket is finished, apart from stitching in a few ends. I so enjoyed knitting this, the pattern is Bunny Hop from Crystal Palace, now its finished I feel bereft. Its like reading a good book, wanting to get to the end and then finding a gap in your life. As you can see the pattern is pleasingly reversible, I selected it because it doesn't have a wrong side. I still haven't been able to capture the true colour but trust me it isn't the dingy grey it looks here but a subtle shade of teal that will be suitable for boy or girl (we won't know which until late March if things go to plan).
I'm back to socks for now, always a good standby and yarn using option while I consider what to do next.
Meantime, I've been busy in the greenhouse, its far too cold to be outside today, blustery winds with the odd shower of hail and sleet, yuk. Mr FF presented me with these assorted seeds for Valentine's day. I've fired up the propagator and sown the sweetpeas and tomatoes, potted up some dahlia and canna lily tubers and had a really good tidy up in there. I thought I might have disturbed the frog that lives in the greenhouse but he wasn't about, quite right its far too chilly. I'm off for a bath to get some heat back into my body, what a pity I won't have the cosy Cashmerino on my lap tonight.


  1. <3 <3 Your blanket looks fabulous! I'm sure you don't need prompted, but please bring it to work for a show and tell!